GoArrowTag For Teenagers & Adults

Searching for a fun new activity to engage in with your friends?

Want to spice up your relationship with the rush of adrenalin?

Sick of your friend’s bull, and want to get revenge…all in the name of fun?

Enough questions.

GoArrowTag is the answer you’ve been searching for.

GoArrowTag is perfect for guys and girls of all ages.

Whether you’re 15, 25, 35, heck, even 65 – GoArrowTag is for you.

This revolutionary game delivers hours of light hearted fun.

Experience the thrill of being out on the battlefield, without the unnecessary violence.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is, well, to whip out your most killer Tom Cruise moves.

Gather the troops and take to the stage in search for BLOOD!

(Figuratively speaking, of course) 

Let loose and go wild in a safe environment carefully controlled by industry experts.

You’ll also get a hell of a workout along the way, without even realizing it.


You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape the wrath of GoArrowTag until you’re the last man or woman standing.

That’s the GoArrowTag reality – only one can survive.

Watch your opponent’s bite the dust

one by one

by one.

Dodge the arrows.

Taste the adrenalin.

Savor it.

Release that pent up anger.

Reignite the spark of your relationship.

Indulge in something fresh with your closest pals.

Imagine how good that sundowner beer will taste afterwards?

Our battle station has your name all over it. Don’t keep it waiting. Lock and load, son. The hunt is on.

Gather the troops. Phone the friends. Set the date.

Click the “Book Now” button to secure your session today.

With GoArrowTag, everyone’s a winner.

Even if you’re, well, a loser.

Again – it’s ALL in the name of fun.

Each GoArrowTag session lasts 60 minutes, with a 10-minute introduction to the rules, health and safety procedures, and gear suiting up.

Get your best game-face on and prepare for 50 long minutes of tireless battle to the (figurative) death.

Where? Who? Price?

Our battlegrounds have been exclusively selected to match the intensity, the pace & most importantly sheer guilt-free fun they will endure.

Choose from two venues: Slough or Feltham

Feltham, Middlesex

Browell’s Lane, Feltham, Middlesex, Tw13 7ef

Slough, Berkshire

1 Langley Road, Slough, Sl3 6bz

These two venues offer terrific playgrounds as well as amneties (toilets, eating area as well as parking).

Now let’s talk about WHO can play…

If you’re 13+ then you’re pretty much ready for the battle.

*Under 13? Then head over to the kids page

“And how long does this last” you may be asking…

Each session is 60 minutes, 10 minutes is used to get through the health & safety (h&s) demo and then the battle begins.

Don’t worry, there will be a practice round to get them used to the bow and foam-tipped arrows.

We recommend a minimum of 6 players per session (remember this is a team event) and a maximum of 16 battle-ready teens or adults can play per hour-long session.

Let’s recap…

NOTE: We advised you to arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the session starts so that you can get ready for your session.

The only things you need to bring are your most comfortable clothes, your competitive streak, and your good sportsmanship.

Whether you win or lose, GoArrowTag CAN and WILL give you an experience you’ll never forget. Don’t believe us?

Give it a try (book here).

We guarantee that once you’ve given it a go, your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner.

Ok! OK! Now tell me about the price…

Let’s get down to the moola!

Yes we might be expensive…or ridiculously cheap…

but it will cost you

an arm


…and your shirt!  😎

C’mon seriously, tell me the price!





here we go:

…do you really wanna part away with that amount?

Heck no!!

That’s why we are giving you a whooping 40% OFF! 😱😱😄

hhhhmmm…that seems like a deal…

…but what’s the catch!?

Nix! Naaddaaa!

Honestly, it will just cost you your email address. 😄

We’ll send you the vouchers straight to your inbox.

Cool! Enougth with the yada yada…

Give me this 40% discount NOW!

Take our money, We're giving it to you.

We'll pay you to play. Get our 40% discount TODAY!

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Lock and load, son. The hunt is on